Why Choose Marty?

“We made the best decision ever when we decided to build with Marty”
Mel & John Greenwood

What can Murchison Homes do for you?

Based in Amberley, we design and build high quality homes throughout North Canterbury. Client care is our top priority with personalised service provided to our customers. We value, respect and look after you from the moment you contact us through to the completion of your new home. Building a home should be an exciting, enjoyable and fun experience and we aim to satisfy all your building needs by going above and beyond your expectations.

What makes Murchison Homes different?

Most construction companies have a salesperson who is your initial point of contact and while things may start off great, you can often find yourself dealing with many different people throughout the building process. You may have excellent synergy with the salesperson, but once the contract is signed you often end up dealing with other people who you don’t get on with which will complicate the building process. At Murchison Homes you deal with the owner, Marty Murchison, from the start to completion of your home build. This single point of contact means you build an in-depth relationship with Marty where you are never just a number in the system. Our personalised, friendly service makes it easy for you to connect with us and the person you meet on day one is the person who will be there to hand over the keys to your new home. It’s a stress-free, relaxed process which places you, the customer, at the heart of everything we do.

Why is it easy with Murchison Homes?

We know that building your own home can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve made it simple for you. The best part is that you have one person to guide you through the whole process. Marty will meet you at your building site, or you can meet at Murchison Homes’ show home, which is Marty’s actual home. The benefit of having a real home as a show home is that you can see how the home operates on a functional, everyday level. If you are looking for a site, Marty can also help you to find a suitable one. Showhome

You’ll discuss your requirements, including your budget and within a week we’ll start on your draft concept plan. This draft concept plan is created free of charge (often charged for elsewhere). We do this so that you can decide if Murchison Homes is a good fit for you. There are also a selection of predrawn plans to make your own. Our plans

Once you’ve decided on the concept plan, the next stage is creating the working drawings which cost $1500. Depending on your site’s location, soil testing may also be required. We go through the working drawings together to make revisions. After the working drawings are finalised, we come up with a fixed priced contract and we then arrange the building consent from your local council. 7 Simple Steps

Backed by a team of experts

While Marty is your sole point of contact throughout the build process, he is also backed by a hand-picked team who are experts in their field. Murchison Homes is a registered Master Builder and only the best people are used to construct your home, as they uphold the highest craft and ethical standards. Our team are all seasoned professionals who are selected for their technical expertise, workmanship….

A complete service

Murchison Homes have partnered with Callum Eathorne from Amicus Financial Advisers to provide you with a complete service to help you through every stage of the home loan process dealing with all the major banks on your behalf. Amicus has been Canterbury owned and operated for over 20 years and their services are generally without a fee to their clients.

Callum Eathorne

Callum has over 10 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry – specialising in home lending. Callum has a thorough understanding of the Murchison Homes offering and will make each step of the journey as effortless as possible. Contact Callum today for a no-obligation discussion.

Homestart Grant Eligibility criteria in a nutshell:


  • Kiwisaver cumulative contributions for min 3 years through to 5 years for max grant.
  • Building a home doubles grant so $2000 per qualifying year, per qualifying buyer. i.e. 4 years contributions = $8000 per person.
  • Income caps: $135k or less gross p.a. in previous 12 months for a couple, or $85k gross or less for an individual buyer.
  • House price caps $550k for a build.
  • Not currently owning any property
Qualifying Info for Home Loan applicants:
  • Age
  • Must be NZ/AUS Citizen or permanent resident
  • Relationship status
  • Dependents
  • Self Employed / Employed
  • Time in Career
  • Income
  • Outgoings – debt repayments, living costs, other fixed commitments
  • Deposit info – Kiwisaver Balance, Savings
  • Must have acceptable credit check and bank account conduct

The Murchison Way

Would you like to see how we can make your dream build simpler, less stressful, and better value, without compromising on quality?